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The Expatriate Process


Let’s get started!

NW Recruitment | Relocation, welcomes two main parties. The first is Dutch companies that intend to hire expats in the Netherlands, and the second is expat candidates who decide to live and work in the Netherlands.

NW has adopted the motto of working end-to-end in all its services. At every step to be taken,
it unconditionally supports both Dutch companies that intend to hire expats
and expat candidates who decide to settle in the Netherlands.

Probably long but fruitful way waiting for all sides. The password is obvious; trust.patience.relocate!


Recruitment First!

Naturally, the first step in starting the enjoyable process mentioned above is to find a job / find an expat. Let us explain detailly!

Companies notify NW of the candidate they have agreed on, and NW ensures that
this candidate relocates in the Netherlands from A to Z. Mostly companies could also ask for the candidate they intend to hire from NW. NW also recommends the candidate most fitted to the company from its wide CV pool. Then the fabolous relocation process begins.

Expat candidates who decide to be hired and tol ive in the Netherlands share their detailed information with NW and start the job search process together. Once a suitable match is achieved, that relocation process begins.


And the Relocation time!

Expat and company met, now it's time for relocation!

The relocation process would be tiring for expats to be’s and companies. But NW is a consulting firm with hundreds of experience in relocation. You follow our motto "trust.patience.relocate" and leave yourself to us. You can find out the details above, services page


The Netherlands Work-Life!

You might still need us to sustain in the Netherlands!

As a Dutch company, you have found and hired your “highly skilled migrant”i expat with NW and you may only need payroll service. As a reliable and famous bridge between you and your expat, NW is all with you.

And you expats! You have now started to work and live as a white-collar professional in the Netherlands, with all the permits and contracts completed. But you may need NW at any time. Usually this means being able to find a school for your children, and maybe it can be being a home owner. You can check out what NW could do for you on the services page.