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Gustoweg 15 3029 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Our Core Values at Nedwerk Recruitment | Relocation

Our priority business is of course your best work and a comfortable relocation!

As Nedwerk Recruitment | Relocation, we prioritize your ability to work in the jobs that best suit your personality inventory and under the conditions you deserve. And we see this as the most important part of our business.

The secret of being able to do this in the most successful way is our years of experience and extensive business connections.


We care about total quality management

TQM is crucial but easy peasy to achieve for us.

The first thing we consider in every project that comes to the table is the probability of success. We program all projects that can be successful with all the details and action plan. We simulate even the smallest detail and then move on to the application. We have no tolerance for bad surprises. By acting in accordance with the calendar, we anticipate every roughness that may arise on the process and we inform you to this extent day by day. Thanks to our meticulousness, there is no project that we have failed so far.


We provide selective consultancy

Hope is priceless, we can't abuse it for nothing.

We could not act irresponsibly while professionals and companies intended to solve their core and vital needs with us. That's why we can't waste anyone's time, hope and money. This is exactly why we are not interested in projects that are relatively impossible to get results by acting selectively with transparent information.